Chapter 2: We’re Just Getting Started

Welcome back to the Lee baby boom! At the end of last chapter, Krysten successfully became pregnant with the first child of the challenge.


Now her and Jason are out to eat, but they didn’t have “real” cheesecake here, just plain cake. Oh, well. Have some anyway!


You guys better enjoy this. It will probably be the one and only time you get to leave the house during this challenge.


Back at home, Krysten gets her first bump.


Bad dreams.


Krysten: “I had a dream that the Sims series was ending! Which would suck because I love playing Sims 3, oddly the only Sims game that exists.”

Jason: “There, there. Think happy thoughts for the baby. EA is going to make Sims 3 expansion packs forever.”

Krysten: “I know you’re right; it was just a little freaky, that’s all.”


Second bump! Yeah, not much is happening besides this and Jason going to work.


The trashcan randomly got knocked over and I took a picture because it’s something besides a pregnancy or work pic.


Krysten does a lot of painting during her pregnancy. When she’s in a good enough mood, that is.




Baby time!!!


The first baby is a boy named Bernard. Personality is 7/9/4/3/4. To translate, he’s neat, very outgoing, lazy, serious, and grouchy.


Father-son bonding.


Jason met the leader of the pack one night while he was passing by. We’ll get to know Beasley more later, hopefully (that is totally the name of a British butler, but don’t tell him).


Mommy-son bonding.


Krysten completed Jason’s portrait.


First bump!




I missed the second bump, but this is Krysten smiling right after. She’s a happy momma.


Bernard’s toddler birthday. I didn’t age him up early, it just got a little glitchy when they tried to age him with no cake. So I bought one to force it.


So far I’m thinking he has Krysten’s eyes and nose and Jason’s mouth.


Baby number two is incoming!


Jason happened to have a friend from work over, so Edward Contrary went running into their now-enclosed bedroom.


All the screaming woke Bernard up.


This waking up animation is so cute! ^o^


Our second baby is a girl, which means we’re off to a good start. This is Brylee (I think I subconsciously thought of this name after reading The Messorems), and I totally overlooked the fact that her name is Brylee Lee. Her personality is 7/5/4/3/6. So she’s neat, shy/outgoing neutral, lazy, serious, and nice.


Krysten: “If you don’t take Brylee right now, I’m going to drop her on the floor as I pass out.”


Daddy-daughter bonding.

See you next time!

4 thoughts on “Chapter 2: We’re Just Getting Started

  1. “EA is going to make Sims 3 expansion packs forever.”
    That’s a lie! Don’t tell her that, though. Krysten might get so sad she won’t ever get pregnant again.
    Oh, you should steal Beasley. It’s a B name after all xD
    Wow, that portait is so pretty. I get the impression that TS3 portraits are utter crap, even when you’re level 10 they’re horribly pixelated and it’s hard to recognize a person presented on them. But at least there are photographies.
    Congratulations on the babies!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, we’ve got to keep Krysten happy!

    You’re right about Beasley! Too bad he doesn’t visit very often.

    Yeah, the portraits in Sims 3 are hit or miss, while the ones in 2 look like a photograph. XD

    Thank you ☺


  3. Wow, two babies already??! Man, that will be tough! The babies are reeeally cute though and I love the personality system of TS2 – I wish they had kept that, along with additional flavor traits for extra variety!
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see how the babies are going to grow up to be!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the personalities too! The points system combined with the traits system would be perfect.
      Having so many kids was hard in the beginning especially, since the parents would be in terrible moods a lot. 😅
      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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